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D2.1 Report on stakeholders needsThe report presents the current approach to international child abduction cases, along with the difficulties identified by the stakeholders such as Central Authorities, legal practitioners (lawyers, judges, prosecutors etc.) and family mediators in their professional practice. Download report
D2.2 Comparative Analysis ReportThe aims of the report are to compare characteristics of the means in the participating states in the iCare project (Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium), and in the additional countries such as The Netherlands and Poland, on carrying out parental child abduction cases and the usage of International Family Mediation as an alternative method for resolving those conflicts. Moreover, the report compares certain aspects of the 1980 Hague Convention and the Brussels IIa Regulation. Lastly, the upcoming Council Regulation (EU) 2019/1111 of 25 June 2019 on jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility, and the Brussels IIa Recast are shortly reviewed in favor of reflecting if the upcoming legislative measures will be in harmony with the evaluated goals. Download report
Recommendation List Analysis report
This document represents a compilation of recommendations and proposals for action, which have been identified in the course of project activities. They are targeted at different actors in the EU multi-level governance system who have responsibilities in relation to international child abduction cases. The overall goal is to identify measures suitable to secure the rights of the child in the context of international child abduction. The recommendations shall help to improve the handling of international child abduction cases through stronger judicial cooperation and international family mediation.Download report
D2.4 iCare MethodologyThe iCare methodology aims at providing orientation from a child-centred perspective to professionals involved in family mediation in international child abduction cases. The overall objective is to identify approaches and measures suitable for securing the rights of the child and promoting the best interests of the child in the context of international family mediation.Download report