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iCare project is now on social media!

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Check out and join the iCare community to get updates on the project’s progress! Now the project is available in three social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

iCare is a 24-month project that will take the child’s best interests as a priority and will develop and implement novel tools and activities to improve the situation of children in ICA cases. This will be done through strengthening judicial cooperation and incorporating International Family Mediation (IFM) as complementary to judicial proceedings. To this end, iCare will increase the capacity of national Central Authorities designated by the relevant legislation, legal practitioners (family law judges and lawyers) and family mediators, improving cooperation and information exchange among them. To achieve this, iCare will increase their knowledge on the current legal and administrative framework, accelerate the judicial process through creating minimum EU common standards and raise their awareness of judicial cooperation and the application of IFM.

The project is implemented with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement No 101007436.